About us


Beauty Revealed, Revealing the Woman in You

International makeup brand Glam’s was born out of the passion for cosmetics, love for fashion, and relentless motivation of three sisters armed with a strong sense of what women want. After sharing the essentials in cosmetics with millions of women, the ambitious founders set out to bring glamour to the four corners of the globe.

Feminine, dynamic and modern, the Glam’s woman flaunts a passion for self-expression, cherishes her individuality and is fully in touch with the latest trends.

At heart, women share a lot in common when it comes to feeling good, healthy and happy; And since Glam’s believes that each has the right to be as beautiful and feel at her best, the brand’s full range of makeup, from foundations that feel like a second skin; mascaras, eyeliners and eyeshadows to draw the focus; lipsticks and pencils to indulge your personality; and nail lacquers that add fabulousness to the fingertips, remain accessible to all while counting quality as an indispensable ingredient. The brand partnered with leaders in the beauty industry, where style, craftsmanship, time-tested tradition and a distinct sense of luxury are infinite.

The different offerings have been especially developed to be effective, as well as health-conscious, sustainable, safe and gentle on the skin. Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested, they are free of Paraben and hazardous ingredients, and aren’t tested on animals. They are flawlessly suitable for every type of face, complexion and skin tone, and adapt perfectly to all kinds of climates.

Glam’s is your new go-to cosmetics friend for a touch of luxury within reach.